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Xilisoft DVD Audio Ripper
Xilisoft DVD Audio Ripper is very similar to the other Xilisoft file conversion softwares. The intuitive design of the interface makes the user become familiar with it in a few seconds. Basically, you can use it to extract audio from DVDs.
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Name It Your Way (NIYoW) 1.7.6
Name It Your Way is a batch file renaming utility. It can also generate ID3 tags for MP3 files, based on their filenames. It's suited for people who want to automate renaming tasks. The program recognizes information contained in JPEG images, MIDI files, and Microsoft Office documents. This information can be used by the program in the new filenames generated.
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AAA Logo 2009 3.01
AAA Logo Software can be used by people who need to create a logo. It is one of the easiest to use tools that I've tested lately, even though the application lacks a couple of features, like the right click menu. You can edit the logo just by using the mouse. I really liked the logos that I was able to create with this software.
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Hermetic Stego 7.73
This software allows you to encrypt data into a bitmap file. Encryption can be done using a key of up to 64 characters in which case only the recipient of the message will be able to decrypt the content. However, you can choose not to use any key at all, and in that case anyone that knows that there is hidden data inside the bitmap can decrypt it.
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Power Video Converter 2.2.13
'Power Video Converter' is a multipurpose video processing tool that allows you to convert, join, and split video files, as well as extract audio or images from video files. You can convert mpg, mpeg, dat, mov, avi, wmv, asf, flv, mp4, mov, 3gp,rm and vob video files to mpeg (in DVD, SVCD or VCD formats too), to AVI (including the DivX format and MPEG 4), or to Windows Media Format (ASF) or to any other media format.
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America Movil and Nokia to Customize Mobile Experience in Latin America | Published on September 2, 2009
America Movil and Nokia announced a partnership to bring Ovi Store by Nokia, an evolving media service that consolidates Nokia's existing content services into a one-stop-shop for content, to mobile customers in Latin America. Read full story

OpenAjax Alliance Delivers Hub 2.0 for More Secure Enterprise Mashups | Published on September 2, 2009
The OpenAjax Alliance announced the approval and availability of OpenAjax Hub 2.0 as an industry standard for more secure Web 2.0 mashup applications. Advances in security in Hub 2.0 can help protect enterprise mashups from malicious intent, giving IT staff greater confidence in adding these features to their Web sites. Read full story

IBM Unveils First Public Desktop Cloud | Published on September 2, 2009
IBM announced the availability of the industry's first public desktop cloud service.The company helps organizations benefit from this model with desktop services that are designed to enable end-users with network-attached PCs and certain other devices the ability to access applications and data through a centrally managed computing environment. Read full story

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USB problems with KB973879 Update
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System Restore Point not working
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Managing pagefile and hiberfil.sys and disk resize
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